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Contoh Dialog Expression of Thanking/ Gratitude

Ungkapan "Thanking / Gratitude" adaah ungkapan yang sangat sering kita gunakan dalam bahasa pergaulan kita sehari-hari. Kita bisa berterima kasih pada orang lain karena beberapa alasan, di antaranya adalah:
- Karena bantuan seseorang kepada kita
- Karena pemberian seseorang kepad kita
- Karena perhatian seseorang kepada kita, dan lain sebagainya.

Nah, berikut ini adalah beberapa cara yang bisa kita gunakan untuk menunjukkan rasa terima kasih kita kepada seseorang dalam Bahasa Inggris. Semoga bermanfaat. 

Thank you so much for                                       
Thanks a million!
Iʼm very grateful for...                                         
I would like to thank you for...
I am so grateful for...                                            
Let me express my gratitude for...
Thank you very much for..                                  
Thank you!
Thank you for..                                                  
Thank you very much for your kindness
That was nice of you.                                         
That was really nice of you
Thank you, but you shouldnʼt have!!                   
I really appreciate...
Thanks a lot for...                                                            

The Responses
Youʼre welcome ..                                                       
Donʼt worry about it
Youʼre quite welcome ..                                              
Forget it
Donʼt mention it .                                                          
It was the least I could do
It was nothing!                                                                
It was no trouble at all
What are friends for?                                                  
I am just delighted I was able to help
It was my pleasure                                                         
Iʼm glad its helpful
I just wanted to show my appreciation                 
No problem!

Read the following dialogues and answer the questions
Hevi  : Hey Heru! Happy birthday!
Heru  : Thank you!
Hevi  : No problem! I got you something too!
Heru  : Oh!
Hevi  : Open it now!
Heru  : Ok!
Hevi  : I know you love soccer so I went out shopping with Wildan yesterday and we got this.
Heru  : Oh my gosh! New football cleats and a jersey with my name on it? Thanks a million!
Hevi  : Donʼt mention it! You have been such a great friend this year.
Heru  : Oh this is too much! I dont think I can thank you enough!
Hevi  : Really! What are friends for? Letʼs go play some football!
Heru  : Awesome! Letʼs go!

  1. What did Hevi buy Heru?
  2. What phrases of welcome?
  3. Who did Hevi go shopping with?
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