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Bank Soal Descriptive Text Untuk SMA/ SMK

Hai guys, salam sukses selalu ya.. Pada posting kali ini kami memberikan bank soal Reading Bahasa Inggris yang bisa anda gunakan untuk belajar ataupun membuat soal bagi siswa-siswa anda. Jenis teks yang kami sajikan kali ini berbentuk Descriptive Text. Semoga bermanfaat dan sampai jumpa di posting-posting berikutnya.

Hasil gambar untuk orchard road

Orchard Road
Orchard Road is a Boulevard which becomes business and entertainment center in Singapore. Orchard Road is surrounded by a lush tropical and flower gardens which are beautiful. At first, Orchard Road is just a suburban street lined with orchards, plantations nutmeg, and pepper farming. However, in the 1970s, it turned into a shopping center in Singapore. In 1960 and 1970 entertainment industries began to enter this road. Shopping centers such as mall and Plaza was built in 1974.
Orchard Road runs along about 2.2 km. This road is one-way street flanked by a variety of shopping malls, hotels and restaurants. The shopping area which is nearly 800,000 square meters provides a wide range of Things, food, and entertainment. In this area there are many options that can satisfy visitors from all walks of life starting from the luxury branded things to the Popular branded, from exclusive restaurants to fast food.
There are so many ways that can be accessed to get to Orchard road such as: by taxi, bus or drive your own car. For those who are driving to Orchard Road can be entered from the west through the Napier Road. Vehicles from Dunearn Road can turn to left at the intersection of the Marriott Hotel junction. Vehicles that come from Paterson can turn right onto Orchard Road. Orchard is always crowded so you have to be careful in order not to get lost.
1.      The text mainly focuses on
a. Singapore
b. Orchard Plantation
c. Plaza and Mall
d. Orchard road as business and entertainment center
e. Shopping Center
2.      Which statement is TRUE?
a. At first Orchard Road is a crowded settlement
b. Orchard road became business and entertainment center since 1974
c. Vehicles from Dunrean road turn to the left at intersection of the Marriott Hotel junction
d. Orchard road is infamous place at Singapore
e. Orchard road is not surrounded by flower garden
3.      In the third paragraph the writer describes about?
a. The location of Orchard Road
b. The things that we can see at orchard road
c. The direction to get to Orchard Road
d. The history of Orchard Road
e. The distance of Orchard Road
4.      Words “it” in line 4 refers to?
a. The plantation
b. Luxury branded things
c. The plaza
d. Singapore
e. Suburban street
5.      The word “satisfy” in line eighth has the closet meaning with?
a. Pleased
b. Free
c. Frighten
d. Threat

e. Loved

Natural Bridge National Park
Natural Bridge National Park is luscious tropical rainforest.
It is located 110 kilometers from south of Brisbane and is reached by following the Pacific Highway to Nerang and then by travelling through the Numinbah Valley. This scenic roadway lies in the shadow of Lamington National Park.
The phenomenon of the rock formed into a natural ‘arch’ and the cave through which a waterfall cascades is a short one-kilometer walk below a dense rainforest canopy from the main picnic area. Swimming is permitted in the rock pools. Night-time visitors to the cave will discover the unique feature of the glow worms. Picnic areas offers toilets, barbeque, shelter sheds, water and fireplaces; however, overnight camping is not permitted.
1.      What is the function of paragraph 1?
a. as an identification
b. as an orientation
c. as a thesis
d. as a classification
e. as an abstract
2.      The text above is in form of………….
a. hortatory exposition
b. narrative
c. description
d. report
e. explanation
3.      What is the communicative purpose of the text?
a. to present two points of views about natural bridge national park
b. to explain the bridge national park
c. to describe the bridge national park
d. to retell the bridge national park
e. to persuade readers to treat preserve the bridge nationl park
4.      Where is the natural bridge national park located?
a. 110 kilometers from South of Brisbane
b. 110 kilometers from Pacific Highway
c. 110 kilometers from Numinbah Valley
d. 110 kilometers from Lamington National Park
e. 110 kilometers from Nerang
5.      What the visitors will see in the night?
a. a common glow worm
b. the unique feature of the glow worms
c. a great dark cave
d. the unique rocks
e. the fantastic bridge
6.      The word ‘luscious’ in the text means………..
a. succulent
b. dense
c. dull
d. dry
e. arid

On the banks of the Chao Phraya, Bangkok’s “River of Kings”, lies a hotel that has already set new standards of hospitality for this celebrated city.
Set in magnificently lanscaped tropical gardens, the Shangri-La Bangkok provides guests with all the charm and warmth of the orient and, at the same time, unsurpassed range of facilities and leisure activities.
There is a choice of 12 superb settings in which to wine and dine, a large free-form swimming pool that overlooks the river, conventoin and meeting facilities for up to 2000 people, and a 24-hour business centre.
And, from every single guest room and suite, there is a breathtaking view of all the exotic hustle and bustle of the fabled “River of Kings”.
One might expect such a well-equipped and positioned hotel to be miles away from the city center but, at Shangri-La Bangkok the busness district and main shopping areas are mere minutes away.
From more than 200 years, Bangkok’s granduer has been reflected in the waters of the Chao Phraya. Today, the Shangri-La Bangkok towers beside this majestic river, offers its guests the golden promise of the East.
1.      The text mainly focuses on…………..
a. Bangkok’s granduer
b. Shangri-La Bangkok
c. Bangkok’s ”River Kings”
d. the water of the Chao Praya
e. the majestic river in Bangkok
2.      The type of text above is a/an……………
a. report
b. recount
c. anecdote
d. narrative
e. descriptive
3.      For how many people the meeting facilities are up to?
a. 6000 people
b. 4000 people
c. 2000 people
d. 5000 people
e. 1000 people
4.      The communicative purpose of this text is………………
a. to describe Chao Praya
b. to retell events for entertainment
c. to present at least two points of view about an issue
d. to tell the luxury of Shangri-La Bangkok
e. to inform readers, listeners, or viewers about events of the day

Venice is a city in northern Italy. It has been known as the “Queen of the Adriatic”, “City of Bridges”, and “The City of Light”. The city stretches across 117 small islands in the marshy Venetian Lagoon along the Adriatic Sea in northeast Italy.
  Venice is world famous for its canals. It is built on an archipelago of 117 islands formed by about 150 canals in a shallow lagoon. The islands on which the city is built are connected by about 400 bridges. In the old centre, the canals serve the function of roads, and every form of transport is on water or on foot.
  You can ride gondola there. It is the classical Venetian boat which nowadays is mostly used for tourists, or weddings, funerals, or other ceremonies. Now, most Venetians travel by motorised waterbuses which ply regular routes along the major canals and between the city’s islands. The city has many private boats. The only gondolas still in common use by Venetians are the Traghetti, foot passenger ferries crossing the Grand Canal at certain points without bridges.

Adapted from:

What does the text tell you about?
A.  Gondola.
B.  Traghetti. 
C.  Venice.
D.  Italy.

What transport crosses the Grand Canal for foot passengers at certain points without bridges?
A.  Gondolas.
B.  Traghetti. 
C.  Waterbuses.
D.  Lagoon.

From the text we can say that Venice belongs to a city of ….
A.  water
B.  ceremonies
C.  buses
D.  funerals

What does the second paragraph of the text tell us about?
A.  The forms of transport in the world. 
B.  The canals and roads that people like to use.
C.  The archipelago that has a lot of islands.
D.  Venice as the world famous for its canals. 
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