How to Wash Your Car

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1. First,  make sure you  have a  dirty  car, a  sponge,  a bucket, water, soap,  towels and car  wax
2. After  you  have  all  the  supplies,  spray your  car  with  water  and make sure that  you  get  the
    whole car wet.
3. Next mix some soap into the bucket with some water.
4. Using  the  sponge,  dip  it  in  the soapy  water  and  make  sure  to  wipe down  the  whole  car.
    Make sure that you clean the wheels as well.
5. Then spray the car again until all the soap is gone.
6. Make sure you  turn off the water  and grab  some of the clean  towels and proceed to dry the car.
7. After  drying the car, you can apply car wax if you want to.  If you decide to wax your  car  you
    will need to get some new towels and clean the wax off after applying it to the whole car.
8. Finally step back, and look at your beautiful and clean car.
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