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What Is Discussion Text?

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Discussion is a text which present a problematic discourse. This problem will  be  discussed  from different  viewpoints;  the  for  and  against,  the positive and negative, or the good and bad points.
Discussion is commonly found in philosophical, historic, and social text. It can be in oral or written form.

Generic Structure of Discussion 
1. Issue:  - statement
                - preview
2. Arguments for (supporting points) and against statement (contrasting points)of differing points of       view:
    - point or main idea
    -  ellaboration
3. Conclusion or Recommendation:  stating the writer' s recommendation of the discourse

Language Features of Discussion 

  •  Focus on generic participant 
  • Use of material processes (has produced, have developed, to feed) 
  • Use of relational process (is, could have, cause, are) 
  • Use of mental process (feel,hope, believe, etc) 
  • Using additive, contrastive, and causal connection; similarly, on the hand, however, etc 
  • Using modalities; must, should, could, may, etc 
  • Using adverbial of manner; deliberately, hopefully, etc 
  • Use of comparative: contrastive and consequential conjunctions 
  • Reasoning expressed as verbs and nouns (abstraction)

Examples of discussion texts include: 

  • talkback radio 
  • debates 
  • current affairs interviews  
  • letters to the editor 
  • essays 
  • newspaper articles

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